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Annika Gillespie

Annika Gillespie


Anni’s long relationship with yoga started when she was in high school. She practiced on and off in different styles until she found Iyengar in 2011.

She immediately felt at home with its alignment, clear instructions and awareness gained through to detail.

Infuse Health helped her come back to a more regular practice after having 2 children. Becoming a yoga teacher is something she had in the back of her mind for years and in 2017 this was sparked again. She decided to complete the Sadhaka program with Alan Goode in 2018 to confirm if she wanted to teach or just extend the knowledge for herself.

Here she found she was able to look at the obstacles in life to really commit to her practice and all the benefits she already knew from yoga began to grow exponentially. This confirmed her desire to become a teacher and she has begun her teacher training this year under Alan Goode.

Anni has always had an interest in health, being a dietitian for over 11 years. She also is a lover of nature and has a strong desire to help preserve the world for future generations.