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Bec Altman


If you’ve met Bec, you already know that she laughs loud and laughs a lot. She believes, like movement, laughter is one of the few universal ways of communication.

Bec grew up in a regional town in South Australia where she spent time involved in dance, musical theatre and playing A grade netball. From there, she has spent time in HITT training, CrossFit, various team sports, Yoga and Movement.

Bec’s passion for health began in her early 20s when she developed mental health challenges. She declined the prescriptions, believing her journey needed a more holistic approach. With limited access to Holistic Health resources, it was through fitness training (in her trainer’s shed in his backyard), yoga (a DVD that she bought from her local post office) and educating herself in nutrition that Bec was able to bring herself back to a place of acceptance and happiness. This experience sparked her passion and interests in how movement, stillness and nutrition all equally impact positive mental health and vitality. She developed a desire to gain further knowledge and share this with the people around her.

Bec has since become accredited in Yoga and Mindfulness, Integrative Nutrition Coaching and completed short courses in Nutritional Science. She is also currently studying a Certificate of Fitness.

Since becoming a mover at Infuse Health in 2021, Bec has continuously discovered new things about herself physically and mentally and looks forward to the opportunity to support and encourage our members to do the same.

In her time with us, Bec has seen many of our members become stronger, confident, and more trusting of their bodies. She thoroughly enjoys seeing our members connect with one another through movement, creativity, laughter, sweat and play!