Corporate Wellbeing

Safeguard the health of your staff and your organisation

In the competitive corporate world, organisations are facing increasing pressure to gain an advantage over their competition. In turn, this pressure is contributing to growing numbers of staff experiencing stress and overwhelm, impacting engagement, performance and, ultimately, your organisation’s bottom line.

In the race to find greater efficiencies and innovation, it appears many organisations have sadly lost sight of their most valuable asset – their people.

Recognising this disconnect, Infuse Health has pioneered a corporate health & wellness program to safeguard the wellbeing of your staff and your organisation. Focusing on practical strategies to manage the stress and overwhelm of everyday life, our corporate wellbeing programs guide your staff towards greater happiness, while improving performance, productivity and engagement.

The Costs of Ignoring Corporate Wellbeing

The costs of workplace related stress are growing at a rapid rate, affecting the wellbeing of individual staff and the overall culture and performance of organisations.

Despite low reporting rates, there are growing numbers of workers experiencing depression, anxiety and stress. ABS data indicates that 70% of employees experience workplace related stress yet fail to make a claim. It’s estimated that unreported emotional & psychological issues cost employers close to $30 billion per year in absenteeism, presenteeism & loss of productivity.

Meanwhile, reported cases of stress related claims are starting to dominate compensation cases across industry. Between 2008 & 2011 there were 28,495 stress related claims accepted in Australia, with numbers still on the rise. It’s clear that organisations are struggling to carry the growing costs of work related stress, both in terms of compensation claims and loss of productivity.

Can your organisation afford to ignore corporate wellbeing and carry the increasing costs of work related stress? If not, it’s time to consider how you can better support the physical and emotional wellbeing of your staff and safeguard the health of your organisation.

How Building Corporate Wellbeing Can Help Your Organisation

Numerous studies demonstrate that workplace health and wellness programs are highly effective in reducing the impact of work related stress on individuals and organisations.

Corporate wellbeing programs focus on building valuable skills in your workforce, such as managing stress, communicating more effectively, dealing with change, becoming more mindful and interacting with respect.

Building these skills in individuals leads to sustained engagement & productivity across the organisation, resulting in an emotionally strong & resilient workforce. When workplace wellbeing is strong, staff turnover rates are lower, levels of engagement are higher, stress and overwhelm are reduced and productivity and performance are boosted.

It’s clear that human capital is the asset most critical to organisational success. Are you ready to invest in your people and reap the rewards of your investment?

Benefits of Investing in Corporate Wellbeing

Investing in corporate wellbeing provides a range of benefits to both the organisation and its employees. Organisational benefits include:

    • Improved performance and productivity
    • Increased engagement, collaboration and innovation
    • Improved organisational culture
    • Reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism
    • Reduced staff turnover, retraining and recruitment costs
    • Reduced workers compensation claims and premiums
    • Positive Return on Investment

Staff also benefit from corporate wellbeing initiatives, reporting:

    • Sense of camaraderie and belonging
    • Increased levels of morale, satisfaction and loyalty
    • Reduced stress related issues
    • Improved physical fitness in all areas
    • Improved mental resilience
    • Increased emotional maturity
    • Increased focus, concentration and memory
    • Heightened workplace positivity
    • Sense of being valued within the organisation

Infuse Health Can Help Build Corporate Wellbeing

Infuse Health offers a range of corporate health & wellness programs to help you improve the wellbeing of your staff. Through interactive, experienced-based seminars, classes and education programs, we teach your staff how to manage the stress and overwhelm of everyday life.

Our team consists of qualified health practitioners who have worked with a broad range of clients, including corporates and internationals. Our work is strongly practical, aligned to our in-depth knowledge of physical vitality. We share proven strategies to help your staff better manage their stress levels, improve their overall wellbeing and rediscover their spark in the workplace.

Contact Infuse Health today to discover how our corporate wellbeing programs can help you reduce costs, improve productivity and safeguard the health of your organisation.

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Corporate Wellbeing

Our corporate wellbeing programs guide your staff towards greater happiness, while improving performance, productivity and engagement.