Corporate Training

Reap the rewards of investing in the health of your people

You know your people are your organisation’s most important asset and you’re committed to investing in their health and wellbeing. So, how do you make your investment count?

Infuse Health offers a range of tailored corporate training programs to improve the health of your staff and the wellbeing of your organisation.

Our programs can be delivered in a wide range of formats and individually customised to meet the unique needs of your staff and your organisation.

Whatever your corporate requirements, you can count on Infuse Health to deliver training guaranteed to improve the health and wellbeing of your entire organisation.

A Unique Approach to Corporate Wellbeing

At Infuse Health, we believe that a holistic approach to corporate wellbeing yields the best return on investment for your people. So, we’ve pioneered a corporate health and wellness program designed to combine education with demonstration, encouraging participants to practice their own path to wellbeing.

Unlike other corporate training providers, we don’t take a background role or merely deliver information. Infuse Health is uniquely placed to deliver high quality education sessions along with practical, hands-on classes, led by our qualified and experienced team of health practitioners.

Infuse Health provide a direct path to addressing and improving workplace stress and wellbeing. This is achieved through our Corporate Classes and Wellness Seminars, both delivered within your companies premise to maximise engagement and minimise downtime.

When you engage Infuse Health for your corporate wellbeing training, you’re getting the whole package – the education and information your people need, along with the expertise and knowledge to help them put this learning into practice.

Committed to Working With You

We are committed to helping every organisation introduce health, vitality and wellbeing into the workplace. That’s why we take the time to get to know you, your people and your organisational culture.

We begin with an initial discussion with your leadership team to identify your current workplace culture, engagement levels and staff satisfaction. This allows us to effectively integrate positive mental, physical and associated behavioral changes into our program, specifically tailoring it to your needs.

We’ll work with you to determine the most effective services and the best mode of delivery to achieve optimal employee wellbeing for your organisation.

Our Corporate Classes are available as Yoga, Movement, Breath Work or hybrid combinations to optimise participation and subsequent outcomes described above. These classes can be delivered separately or in conjunction with the education seminars. The classes provide the practical experience and methods in which stress and vitality can be optimised through movement, mindset, awareness, breathing and more. Typically these classes are offered as 45 or 60 minute small group sessions.

The Wellness Education based services in conjunction with the Corporate Classes have proven to be the most effective at providing clearly evident mental, physical and associated behavioral changes. Our programs can be delivered in a wide range of formats and individually customised to the circumstances and the people within your unique environment.

What to Expect in Our Wellness Education Training

Infuse Health offers a range of topics as part of our corporate wellbeing programs. Key topics that can be covered in any format and combination, include:


Adaption & Willpower


Modern Stress


Finding Purpose

Goal Setting

Breath Work

Clean Living and Detoxing


Physical Body

Examples of previous seminars delivered by Infuse Health:

    • Mindset – The Primary Outcome Determinant
    • Modern Stresses – The Good and the Bad
    • Move Your DNA – Our Biological Need for Diverse Movement
    • Nutrition – Return to Simplicity
    • Clean Living and Detoxing
    • Living with Intention
    • Breath, Posture and Physical Expression

Whatever your wellbeing requirements, Infuse Health can tailor an effective corporate training program to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

It’s time to invest in your organisation’s future.

Contact Infuse Health to discover how our popular corporate training programs could transform the health and wellbeing of your people and your business.

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Corporate Wellbeing

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