4-week Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation

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Mindfulness is a practical and simple way of paying attention; being aware of what is happening right now, without wanting it to be different. Practicing mindfulness helps us to develop flexibility and kindness, it increases our resilience to life’s challenges and our appreciation of life’s joys. Our brain literally gets ‘rewired’ as new neural pathways are formed and we have more capacity to respond to a situation, rather than just react.

The 4-week Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation course has been designed to provide participants with a taste of mindfulness and to help them develop the habit of daily practice. In this course you will experience first-hand the benefits of regular mindfulness practice, rather than just learn about them.

Over time, many people who regularly practice mindfulness report:

  • Less stress, anxiety and worry
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Greater self-acceptance and self-love
  • Reduced reactivity and increased emotional intelligence

Event Details

Infuse Health studio 4/10 William Street, Adamstown

Event Time:

Wednesday’s 7pm

Event Date:

8 May to 29 May

How to book:

Book via the Mindfulness Works Australia website.