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Better Foot Function = safe knees, supple hips, and a strong spine.   A better balanced body from the ground up.

Join Meg Linton, Writer, Movement, and Yoga Teacher at Infuse Health, as she shares some fun, simple, and easy to apply tools to help you bring balance, strength, and function back to your feet.

Meg shares from over two decades in the health industry, sharing tools to others that have helped her strengthen not only her feet, but improve posture, knee function, and hip mobility.

For many of us, the world we live in encourages desk work, chair sitting and terrible posture. Shoes, phones, devices, stress, tension and lack of somatic awareness, result in a body that is dysfunctional, in pain, and closed.

I challenge you to approach your hip, knee and back issues with a different perspective…could your lack of foot strength and mobility result in medially rotated knees, tight hips and an angry lower back?

Feet with good toe splay, a healthy arch, and good movement encourage better knee, hip, and spine health.

We were never designed to squish our feet in shoes, sit in chairs, and walk on ramps.

If we are not allowing the foot to function the way it should, to balance, grip, be on uneven surfaces, and support us, we may find we will carry issues upstream.

Our big toe is a sensory and motor organ, and 70 percent of our brains’ information about our movement comes from our feet.

Most shoes don’t allow toe splay, and have an arch that ‘supports’ your own arch…what if you could re-train the foot to be fully functional and get to the root of the issue, so that the muscles in the foot can support you, rather than the arch.

In this workshop you will gain an understanding of how better foot health has a full knock on effect upstream to your posture, mental health, spine function, balance and nervous system.

All welcome, members and non-members. Bring your teens for half price!

Includes more than 2 hours of video content to take home and practice!

Event Details

Infuse Health studio 4/10 William Street, Adamstown

Event Time:

11am – 2pm

Event Date:

Saturday, 3 Feb 2024

How to book:

Book online here