“We are a society living in dissociation, we are so wired, we are tapping out”

Being cut off in traffic, losing your keys or receiving an email is nothing to blow your top over, but the constant barrage of life can keep us in a chronic state of fight or flight and on our way to the red zone, dissociation.

In this workshop we discuss how to recognise when we are tipped and how to regulate our bodies back to our green zone, safety.

Learn to observe what the body is telling us, shift ya self talk, & nourish your digestive system. Understand how a dysfunctional nervous system keeps our bodies from healing.

Megs is sharing from the ancient eastern science of Ayurveda, the Polyvagal Theory, and the Be Here method from her book, WATCHYALANGUAGE

Event Details

Infuse Health studio 4/10 William Street, Adamstown

Event Time:

2pm to 5pm

Event Date:

Saturday, 16 September 2023

How to book:

Book via eventbrite here.