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Fiona Way


Fiona first came to infuse as a yoga student in 2018. While she loved getting back into yoga, the look of the Movement studio intrigued her and after her first class she was hooked!

Having been a nurse for 40 years, her sporting and movement background is mostly in dance and, in the past, tennis. She is a past National Champion in Physical Culture and has been a fully accredited teacher at her own club for almost 20 years. She also teaches physical culture teachers the new yearly routines and runs workshops and accreditation for new teachers. When the opportunity to learn from the infuse teaching team and other esteemed movement minds was offered to her, she jumped at the chance. Fiona has been studying, attending workshops and retreats to expand her knowledge of movement, meditation, health and mindset ever since.

Fiona completed the infuse movement teacher traineeship in 2021 and is now teaching both movement and longevity classes. Her interest in moving well throughout your whole life is evident in her passion for teaching our longevity classes.

“My greatest joy as a teacher is to meet a new member and help them to discover within themselves a love for movement, just as I was so lucky to have experienced when I first joined infuse health, no matter what age they are. It is such a privilege.”