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Josh is a founder of Infuse Health and has all the desired fitness quals… and a nice pile of training and health certifications. However, these were only the starting point and when you chat to him you begin to understand the relentless enthusiasm he has for all thing’s health and fitness.

He left the professional career of structural engineering behind without hesitation once the situation allowed. With an insatiable drive for continual learning, he regularly attends as many workshops, retreats, online courses and training programs, as he can fit. He has studied various movement methods including the Ido Portal Method and Fighting Monkey Teachings. His primary aim as a Movement Teacher is to reconnect physicality and maximise movement potential.

Melding his long-term practices, diverse knowledge and expertise, Josh is inspired to increase the body’s physical abilities through intelligent training methods, thus opening access to the powerful and adaptable human animal you have inside.

He uses concepts drawn from numerous physical specialisations and reshapes them to be individualised to your needs and goals. Elements such as power, mobility, balance, spatial control, coordination, and play, are explored to leave the body feeling strong, relaxed, highly capable and energised.

You will feel understood and well looked after in Josh’s company. He looks forward to connecting with you.