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Julie Thiele

Julie Thiele


For the past 20 years Julie has been a practicing massage therapist and running her own massage business.

Julie’s passion for movement led her to practice as a dancer, led her to studying Go Ju Ryu Karate, and running a Karate Dojo (training centre). Her interest in the body and love of movement led her to explore the importance of health and mobility as we age.

Always the explorer, 7 years ago she came across Iyengar Yoga. And, so began Julie’s Yoga journey. She has been with Infuse Health from the early days of practice in the gym, then the warehouse and now the beautiful studio.

As an Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Julie continues to further her development under the guidance of Senior Iyengar Teacher Alan Goode. Julie very much looks forward to sharing this yoga journey with you all. Growing together.