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Kerri Larken

Kerri Larken


Kerri originally started her Iyengar Yoga journey, to supplement karate training in 2009 and has been with Infuse Health since its inception.

It was evident that improved flexibility, strength and concentration in her Karate was a direct result of the asanas and breath work practiced regularly in yoga classes.
When Kerri sat her Nidan grading (second degree black belt) in 2016, the undeniable benefits of Yoga were testament to the mindset, endurance and overall performance of this intense examination, which extended over 3 days.

Kerri’s love of teaching is palpable with a relatable compassion well refined in her almost 40 years in school education.
Some might say she has a “wacky” sense of humour, a quick wit and a ready smile, yet she still has a passion for teaching.
It is her passion for teaching and the sharing of learning experiences that has forged her vision to become a yoga teacher.

Having competed in sport for most of her life, Kerri has fostered a deep understanding of the mind body connection.

Ever the Student, she continues to study and explore this connection through the Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Course, ongoing yoga practice, extensive reading, and self-study in her everyday life.