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Lachlan Simpson


Lachlan has a strong foundation of health and movement from both his practical experience and formal education.

His passion and curiosity for health developed at a young age where he was driven to pursue a professional career in Rugby Union where he went on to represent at a high level, but not without some costs to his body which led him away from the sport.

These experiences led him to seek out guidance from relevant leading industry professionals on how to recover from injuries and how to learn to move in a way that was more sustainable. It was throughout this process of learning more about the human body that Lachlan realised that his true purpose and passion was to help other people understand how proper training, movement, nutrition and lifestyle factors can improve ones ability to perform and simultaneously obtain long-term health.

Since this realisation Lachlan’s training and coaching took a deep dive into the world of Crossfit, weightlifting, gymnastics, and movement training . He has also developed a keen interest in nutrition, breath-work and mindfulness practices, which he uses to enrich his and his clients lives.

Lachlan’s hobbies outside of the studio include cooking, gardening, surfing, and spending time outdoors with friends and family!