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Luke Donnelly

Luke Donnelly


Luke’s movement background extends over 20 years, originally training in gymnastics, before competing in representative rugby league, followed by Crossfit, boxing, ‘movement’ and yoga.

His personal journey has shown him movement can be an extraordinary avenue to unlock our latent potential and is made evermore powerful when combined with awareness practices and breath work.

Luke has been a qualified personal trainer for over ten years and specialised in functional fitness. He is also a certified yoga instructor.

Luke believes in the innate intelligence of our bodies to heal, guide, and connect for a deeper and more fulfilling experience of life.

Luke’s education has also incorporated anatomy, physiology, meditation, and energy work and continues to evolve in these areas.

So far Luke’s gone down a few whacky and challenging paths but throughout, he has found character development, healing, strength, and joy from movement in its various forms. Sharing with you, his insights, lessons, and many tools of physical and mental development brings him the greatest sense of purpose.