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Manuel Saez


Born in the northern area of the Chilean Patagonia, living always more of an outside kind of life – climbing trees, swimming in lakes, biking or hiking through the mountains and working on the farm. Movement has been a crucial part of my life since a I was a child.

Participating in every sport available growing up, ultimately led me to University in the US thanks to a soccer scholarship.

Studying anthropology on my own to understand the basics of human development and how movement has been present through this process, I have focused recently on developing a way to train that I call a “partner-body”. Not looking for the perfect six pack or “perfect” body shapes, rather aiming to maintain a body able to come along to any kind of adventure that life may bring.  As a result, I focus on breathing, flexibility, stability and a wide range of motion.

This is one of the reasons why I trained in Animal Flow in Chile and I’m on my way to become a certificate yoga teacher in India. Adding yoga Philosophy to my knowledge will help me link the mind and the spirit to achieve mindful movement.