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Matt Heys


Matt’s love of movement developed from a young age. Living a life outdoors, growing up on a farm, and playing multiple sports. Running, rugby, swimming, cricket, baseball, basketball, karate and surfing were all staples of that time.

In his early 20’s, whilst undertaking an acting course, what became apparent to Matt – outside of the benefits of ‘exercise’ – was the transformative potential of ‘movement’. This realisation drove his curiosity in seeking to understand the what’s and why’s of the human experience; mindfulness, nutrition, developmental kinesiology, human behaviour, evolutionary biology and our symbiotic relationship with nature.

This curiosity has led him to seek out a diverse set of modalities, from embodied acting methodologies, to Crossfit, contact improvisation, contemporary dance, martial arts, meditation, breath practice, and neuromuscular approaches to strength and conditioning.

Being able to coach movement, for Matt, offers a unique opportunity to guide, support, and encourage people on their own journey of self-discovery and actualisation.

Matt holds formal qualifications in Environmental Engineering, Performing Arts (Acting), Crossfit and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS).