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Our movement gym

We believe in connecting you to your highest level of physical capacity, fitness and vitality; it is a primary foundation of our holistic principles. Through movement you can expand your physical capacity, control and awareness to do whatever activities you want in life.

We aim to provide you with the training to improve all aspects of your physical abilities. Our method will deliver a strong, skilled and diverse level of movement capability. We draw inspiration and basic principles from strength training, gymnastics, sports, ground flow, calisthenics, dance, martial arts, yoga and whatever crosses our paths, and reshape it for a generalist approach.

Reconnecting the body to operate as a whole, strengthening weak patterns and mobilising restrictions are the basis to improving your power, control and grace.

Our movement gym offers classes for everyone – all abilities with progressions for the beginner through to the highly practiced. Through these classes, you will learn to do a broad range of skills freely with confidence. With this newfound self-reliance, you will feel stability, balance and coordination, understand and control what’s happening inside your body and be capable of trying new activities.

The teachers, Josh, Joe, Luke, Alex, Sean and Elias are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable coaches. We walk the walk, by continually challenging and expanding our experienced based methodology. We invest heavily in our own learning to ensure you receive the best teaching available. The programming is specifically designed to maximise your development. The outcome is an impressively strong, mobile body (and mind) that is highly skillful, well balanced and resilient.

Power, mobility, balance, coordination and play are explored in the purpose-built movement gym using simple and highly effective tools such as sticks, bands, balls, bars, rings, mats, weights, ropes and floor work.

Regular practice leaves your body feeling strong, relaxed and energised; your mind sharper and able to learn new patterns and skills quicker; and your feelings, mood, and motivation levels heightened; this trio feeds back into one another to improve your overall health and wellbeing.


Class Elements


You will develop all the physical characteristics needed to reach your movement potential. Concepts are drawn from numerous physical practices and reshaped for a generalist approach. Elements such as strength, balance, stability, coordination, power, flow, endurance, movement challenges and games are explored. We know how to work hard and play hard.

Components of a movement practice will include: locomoting, hanging, swinging, brachiating, mobilising, breathing, pushing, pulling, climbing, crawling, evading, catching, throwing, jumping, coordinating, pivoting, reaction times, problem solving, carrying, lifting, balancing, stillness, interacting with objects/partner, and any combination of these.


Many of the General Movement elements with a shift towards improving movement fundamentals of strength, balance, mobility, integrity and to rebuild the bodies dynamic attributes. Our Longevity classes tend to be a whole lot of fun & laughter mixed in with some hard work.


Mobility is a component of all classes and is designed to increase your useable range of motion as well as develop the strength, balance, and stability to better utilise and connect the body. We will improve all our joint capabilities and resilience, starting with spine and working to the extremeties.

We use a variety of the most effective mobility methods to optimise your outcomes including: Partner Stretching, Task Orientated Stretching, Active Shortening, Loaded/Weighted Stretching, Ballistic Stretching, and Breath/Tension Release Techniques.

Our main purpose is to increase your movement capabilities, reduce tension and injuries, and make your structure as anti-fragile as possible.


Weightlifting will open many doors in your quest for improved general fitness and physical performance. The ability to move and control external loads develops the necessary power for broadly capable and graceful athletic abilities. 

We use a number of tools to consolidate fundamental whole body lifting patterns. The multi-jointed nature of whole body lifting develops coordination, muscular synchronisation and cohesion, joint/ligament strength, balance, stability, as well improving sense of empowerment, self-belief, motivation and more. 

The strength element is a major key in unlocking your movement potential.


Why hand balance? It develops, stable and strong shoulders and wrists, and a highly capable upper body. It is a fun challenge that requires focus which brings your attention to the moment and is part of why it is so enjoyable. With consistency, it can open up a high level of movement capacity which you can play, learn and progress with anywhere you like.

Hand balancing is not a major priority for us at Infuse Health and is not a consistant component of our classes. However, we do enjoy sharing the challenge with you and have the most effective methods for you regardless of your entry point.

Be rest assured you will be well looked after and progressed intelligently and safely. There are absoluetly no hand balancing until your shoulders, arms, wrists and spine show our expereinced teachers evidence you are ready. 

The more experienced students who wish to pursue hand balancing will continue to build confidence and progress towards some impressive skills. We have all levels covered!


For anyone who wants to increase energy levels, develop lung capacity, reduce stress, and improve their overall mental and physical wellbeing. This practice will expand our conscious awareness of our breathing patterns & apparatus.

Predominantly practical, with supportive theory to deepen our understanding. The breathwork we teach is a blend of Yoga Pranayama, Qi Gong practice, athletic free dive training, aspects of the Wim Hof Method and numerous other breath work practices. This mixture is a powerful combination for deepening awareness, expansion and relaxation.

unlock your movement potential

Build strength & antifragility. Come and experience how we train and play hard to develop a highly capable body and mind in our movement facility.

At infuse movement, you will expand all aspects of your physical capacity, abilities, awareness and resilience to do whatever activities you want in life.

With a passion for quality and diversity of movement, we draw inspiration and principles from strength training, gymnastics, sports, locomotion, calisthenics, parkour, martial arts, yoga, whatever crosses our paths, and reshape it for a generalist approach.

Our Movement classes are for all ages and experience. All classes are capped to ensure personalised instruction and taught by the highest quality movement trainers in our purpose-built and fully-equipped gym.

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the infuse movement team

INfuse Health Movement Teachers

Meet Luke, Josh, Alex & Joe (from left to right),

These are the guys who will guide you on your movement journey. Our trainers are all highly accomplished movement practitioners and, highlighting the universality of movement practice, each come from very unique backgrounds. With backgrounds in elite sports, strength training, gymnastics, martial arts, crossfit, yoga and calisthenics, our trainers will guide you on your journey to unlock movements you never thought your body could do. 

One thing that is consistent for all our trainers is their attitude. They’re not pretentious or forceful, instead they are friendly, encouraging and patient. Our team will guide you within your own limits to help you realise and harness the amazing potential of your body.



Have you heard of Movement? It’s a class that rebuilds our bodies to move as we should! Lead by passionate, highly knowledgeable teachers, Infuse Health Movement classes are open to all ages and capabilities with a focus on creating the best version of you.

MOVEMENT CLASSES || Push/Pull Progressions

Our movement gym offers classes for everyone – all abilities with progressions for the beginner through to the highly practiced. Through these classes, you will learn to do a broad range of skills freely with confidence.


There’s always a new challenge in movement. Whether it be games or play – we continually mix up the rules to create new learnings and experiences.

Play introduces the natural movement complexity that comes from human interaction. We use games for many reasons within the session – as a warmup, to refocus, to recover, joint preparation, and to work specific attributes. There is a starting point for everyone’s capabilities.

movement for everyday vitality

all the ways infuse health  can help you.


All skill levels are welcome at our Adamstown Yoga Studio. Our welcoming studio and vibrant staff are just two reasons why Infuse Health is fast becoming the preferred choice for Yoga in Newcastle. 


Experience a new level of everyday vitality with our Movement classes. Our courses focus on reconnecting your body, strengthening areas of weakness and improving your power, control and grace

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Our Holistic Personal Training programs enable you to reach your wellbeing goals in an upward spiral of health, vitality, fitness and longevity.

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Our corporate wellbeing programs guide your staff towards greater happiness, while improving performance, productivity and engagement.