Movement F.A.Q.

Here is some commonly asked questions and hopefully we have answered yours. If not don’t hesitate to contact us.

The “Movement” we are referring to is the physical movement related to the human body both intrinsically and extrinsically. A movement practice develops and reconnects the body to reach its movement potential. The purpose is to create powerful, resilient, diversely capable and highly adaptable bodies. We aim to make you move how we were designed to and that is probably better than you could even imagine.

The classes are based around an intelligent yet simple process to build the higher level movement characteristics on top of a broad base of strength, mobility and resilience. The classes utilise highly effective methods and tools from numerous disciplines. Elements such as strength, mobility, balance, coordination, awareness, control and play are explored. To understand why we do what we do, please feel free to call or come and chat to our teachers if you have any concerns. Now is always the best time to invest in yourself.

As often as possible and sustainable for you. This also depends what else you do movement wise. We ideally will be moving for numerous hours every day at a range of intensities. This is not so easy to do with the modern lifestyle… but this does not make it any less vital to our health.

So come lots, join the growing community of awesome people and bring the people who you value most along for the ride.

Most definitely! The Newcomer Movement Offer is the perfect place to start. We will do everything we can to explain why and what we are teaching to let you hit the ground running. We have a diverse range of abilities and our classes cater for all levels. The small group setting and culture prioritises the correct progressions for the individual to ensure you maximise your development and have a heap of fun in the process. Beginners are inspired and encouraged by teachers and other students. So if you want the highest quality coaching and the company of genuinely awesome people, this is the place to be.


Absolutely, but this is not a focus or priority. It is simply an unavoidable outcome. Because a movement practice is diverse, sustainable and encourages an active movement rich lifestyle, I would argue it is one of the best weight loss methods available.

Training for aesthetic improvement has an emptiness to both the process and the outcome and rarely works as the body is too complex to reverse engineer. “Movers” develop an athletic well-proportioned body that is highly capable and this is what we are instinctually attracted to.

All our teachers are experienced Personal Trainers. Your results are maximised as the sessions are entirely focused on you, your body, your mindset, and your goals. We’ll help you achieve your goals and get started on a health & fitness journey that is tailored to movement and vitality. We offer the highest level of professional, individual support to make sure you get the most out of your training.

We certainly do. We use the most effective tools and methods we can to serve our purpose. We train with bodyweight, external loads and partner loading. The ability to move and control external objects is an essential attribute of a healthy human. Loads start light until the movement pattern, joint range & stability and overall control is achieved to a high quality. We have evolved to be strong and powerful and is crucial to be physically capable as well as other benefits including hormone production, bone density, injury resilience, disease occurrence, and longevity. Weights such as barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells are used for more than just strength development.

Classes are mostly 75mins with some 60mins and 90mins. This allows us to work on a diverse range of attributes. So much happens, they go incredible fast! Ideally they would be longer but it’s a compromise with our busy lives.

Not really. The why, the focus and the methods differ significantly. There are some similarities with regard to strength development, and conditioning work but the focus is on movement quality over numbers or reps to simply “exercise”. Within movement, there is a strong emphasis on control, mobility, joint stability, joint health, balance, re-alignment, coordination, spatial awareness and more. Our programming is specifically designed to build highly capable humans and is constantly adapted to best suit our community.

We encourage our member community to do both yoga and movement. A combined membership offers the best value and they complement each other incredibly well. Some choose to do one or the other but more than half choose a ratio that best suits their body, mind and lifestyle. Once you have adequately adapted to both programs and have the energy, you are most welcome to do back to back movement and yoga classes.

All our movement classes are capped at 16 people. This ensures the teaching and progressions are fully catered to everyone in the class. You will feel fully supported within the classes and the teacher will have ample time to address your questions so don’t hesitate to ask.

The movement teachers, Josh, Joe, Luke, Alex, Sean and Elias have been involved in physical training and specialisations through their entire lives. They have trained in high level sports, commercial gyms, CrossFit boxes, various martial arts and yoga studios. The common threads that directed them towards movement is the challenge to be diversely skilled, highly adaptable and resilient to injury. Movement also teaches people to be humble as there is no end to what can be learnt. The transition from our previous physical training to a movement focused practice began in 2014 when most of us had heard the name Ido Portal. The world of movement has some truly incredible teachers that have taught all of us through classes, workshops, online coaching and retreats. To name a few: Ido Portal, Simon Thakur, Craig Mallet, Soisci Porchetta, Jozef Frucek, Dave Wardman, Rafe Kelley, Emmet Louis, Yuri Marmerstein, Gymnastic Bodies, and others.

Depends on the class time but at a minimum we make sure the front door is open at least 15mins prior to class. Feel free to use the gym whenever a class is not in progress. You are also welcome to stay around after class to work on anything you wish. Make sure you check in on the iPad prior to starting your practice.

Clothes that you can move completely freely in (best to throw out everything that limits movement). Layers are best in winter. Sweat towel in summer. Like the yoga studio, the movement gym is shoe free. And water bottle which you can refill at our water filter.

You can always drop in for a chat but we may not always be free if we are teaching or with a client. It is best to get in touch beforehand to discuss the best options. Also keep in mind our classes are capped and some classes reach capacity. On your first visit, show up 15mins early to fill in the paperwork and to allow the teacher to learn some key information to best support your practice.

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