Personal Training for Everyday Vitality

There is so much more to our personal training than aesthetics. Sure it’s a positive side effect that plays an important role in your confidence and self-esteem. But what about how you feel and how you move? Do you consider how your training is affecting all aspects of your life, stress levels, mood, mindset, and your physical capacity both now and into the future? Here’s a tip, excessive isolation and machine assisted exercise will not do you any favours. Our personal Training is movement focused which provides transferable and adaptable attributes for everything from physical freedom & resilience to athletic performance.

We aren’t interested in yelling or pushing you to breaking point. Any old trainer can break people down, but only a few skilled and knowledgeable coaches can build them up through empowerment, mindset and just the right amount of individualised physical challenges to optimise positive adaption.

Infuse Health’s Personal Training is a highly effective holistic system, It’s been detail designed and tested to create an intelligent training method. We balance vigorous activities with recovery work, we integrate games that don’t seem like you’re ‘working out’ but you’re using muscles and joints in a way you didn’t think you could.

We will create you a solid physical foundation, then integrate natural movements you will instinctually enjoy. Things like hanging from rings, balancing on rails, evading balls attached to a string or crawling over random objects are incorporated when you are ready. With Infuse Health’s training, you’ll find ways to move your body that seemed unusual at first but are actually extremely natural. We’re in it to make you move better, to enjoy every moment of every day of your long, healthy, moving life.

Increasing physical capacity and movement ease consequentially encourages more movement into all areas of your life. This spirals upwards and positively affects all levels of your health. If weight loss is a priority, there is no more effective way and can be further accelerated when accompanied with our Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.

We also focus on removing your pain, and opening up your range of motion. We make you nimble, and we help you activate, strengthen & connect your own body.

Our personal training is focused on Everyday Vitality. It’s about feeling great and not feeling limited in your own body.

Why Infuse Health Personal Training

Our Personal Training is entirely focused on you, your body and your goals. We’ll help you achieve your goals and get started on a health & fitness journey that is tailored to movement and vitality. We offer the highest level of professional, individual support to make sure you get the most out of your training.

Here’s some of what we can help you with:

  • Mobility/flexibility– making sure your body is able to move as good as it was designed to through strong controlled broad ranges of motion.
  • Reducing pain– we can show you how to heal and nourish injuries and improve the way you move. We will work through your current limitations, building connection and strength of problem areas to ensure you can reduce pain and soreness.
  • Strength– we build strength in the optimal balance and over the broadest useful range. We ensure it is created in conjunction with mobility and other needed athletic traits. We’ll help you achieve your muscle strength goals but we won’t ignore the needs of the overall body and especially your joints. No one wants disproportionate strength as these imbalances create bad posture, look unattractive, function poorly and are an injury waiting to happen.
  • Balance– we ensure you develop the stability, balance and coordination for your level of desires. Even for the highest level athlete, there is no such thing as too much balance.
  • Spatial Awareness and Control – improve your dexterity, coordination, timing, and reactions / reflexes.
Movement Teachers Playing on Gym Equipment
Infuse Health Movement Course Newcastle

The outcome is an impressively strong, mobile body (and mind) that is skillful, well balanced and resilient.

We love working with people who understand health is achieved through a broader lifestyle approach and are open to all aspects of health. This will enable you to achieve the fitness, vitality, health and overall results you are after.

We also really love working with people who have injuries or restrictions. We can show you how a movement approach can complement the work of other health professionals (physio’s, chiro’s, osteo’s, surgeons etc.) and we aim to improve your physical capacity to a level that exceeds your expectations.

Ultimately, our personal training is built around understanding the bodies’ desires and all the optimal conditions, so you can thrive within it.

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