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Rachael is a founder of Infuse Health and the driver of the exceptional Iyengar Yoga School within our walls. She is a natural born teacher which when combined with her 15 years of fitness teaching and 10 years of yoga teaching provides an incredible student experience. If you ask any of her students, they will tell you she knows how to reach them.

Rach has walked a number of paths and was one of those people that has at least two jobs for the majority of her adult life. She has qualifications as a Registered Nurse, and Dietitian, however the pull towards yoga and its effects on her own life guided her to where she is today. Teaching her true passion and guiding students to learn the many layers of benefits, she herself is still working on.

Through Iyengar Yoga, Rachael gained awareness and control and thus the ability to heal her body, that she previously lacked from the decades spent playing competitive sports. However, it was the changes to her mind, with the benefits of clarity, focus, and calmness that had her hooked and on her way to teacher training.

For ten years, Rachael has studied the Iyengar system, with quarterly teacher training intensives. This process, like for all Iyengar certified teachers, has no end point, as the personal growth is the purpose of the study. She currently studies under senior teacher Alan Goode of Yoga Mandir in Canberra, who regularly attends and trains with the Iyengar family in Pune, India.

If you want a teacher to fluff your pillow (and your ego), Rach is not your girl. However, if you are ready to improve your body and mind through the powerful method of Iyengar yoga, you will be hard pushed to find a more gifted teacher.

Rach is down to earth, compassionate and genuinely wants to share and connect with you. She is available to discuss how we can best assist you.