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Our Foundation classes are for the novice, to yoga or the Iyengar system. Anyone new to yoga at Infuse Health will be able to join through our Foundation Yoga Newcomer Offer. This includes UNLIMITED access to Foundation Yoga for 4 weeks from your first class. With 10 Foundation Classes to choose from every week, this is amazing value for only $99.

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All skill levels are welcome at our Adamstown Yoga Studio. Our welcoming studio and vibrant staff are just two reasons why Infuse Health is fast becoming the preferred choice for Yoga in Newcastle. 


Experience a new level of everyday vitality with our Movement classes. Our courses focus on reconnecting your body, strengthening areas of weakness and improving your power, control and grace

holistic personal training

Our Holistic Personal Training programs enable you to reach your wellbeing goals in an upward spiral of health, vitality, fitness and longevity.

Corporate Wellbeing

Our corporate wellbeing programs guide your staff towards greater happiness, while improving performance, productivity and engagement.