Our Iyengar Yoga School

Within Infuse Health is an Iyengar Yoga School. It follows, a traditional style of yoga, named after BKS Iyengar, who wanted yoga to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their age or ability. His aim was to share the purpose of yoga; to unite the body, mind and spirit for health and wellbeing.

In this system, the emphasis is on detail, precision and alignment of each asana (pose) and pranayama (breath control) to create body awareness and movement with ease. Each asana can be modified with props, like blankets, blocks and belts to accommodate your fitness or ability level. Poses are practised to allow you to relax, balance and breathe in each one. They are grouped in specific sequences to achieve the optimal benefit of strength, flexibility, balance and self study.

With regular practice, Iyengar Yoga gives you confidence in your body’s functionality. It also teaches you to stop, breathe, and listen to your body, practise being in the moment and reflect. These practises can help increase your clarity, calmness, stress resistance, sleep quality and longevity.

Our Iyengar Yoga School offers highly skilled teaching and class options to cover a range of abilities, ages and expertise. All classes are capped to allow our Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers to give you one-on-one attention whenever necessary to develop your practice. With more than 50 years of combined experience being students of Iyengar Yoga, they can relate to what arises throughout your practice.

Our teachers will teach and guide you through the class in our purpose-built and fully-equipped Iyengar Yoga studio with all the props you will need, from yoga blankets, blocks and belts through to chairs, ropes, bolsters and many other aids, to support your level of practice. Between them – Rachael Pole, Sophie Brauer, Maryann Lees, Carlie Ford, Luke Donnelly, and Julie Thiele – have many decades experience of teaching Iyengar Yoga. Their ongoing teacher development are with some of the most highly regarded, senior Iyengar Yoga teachers in Australia including Alan Goode of Yoga Mandir, Canberra, Sue and Peter Scott of Yoga Jivana, Melbourne; and Pixie Lillas of Balmain Yoga, Sydney. We welcome, support and develop all students from the novice to the experienced at our Iyengar Yoga School.

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Class descriptions


Our Foundation classes are for the novice, to yoga or the Iyengar system. Anyone new to yoga at Infuse Health will be able to join through our Foundation Yoga. With many Foundation Classes to choose from every week, get started today.

Foundation classes are taught to consolidate the fundamental postures, build confidence in the physical practice, and ensure correct understanding and technique and achieved to maximise yoga many benefits. 

This class is ideal for beginners, for people with injuries or mobility issues and for older participants. The Foundation classes allow you to work at your own pace as you start the journey towards improved health and wellbeing. Solid foundations will empower you through improving balance, flexibility, strength and endurance and learning about the props and their benefits.


This class is for those who have gained the understanding, confidence and self-awareness through regular Foundation classes and are ready to further develop their yoga practice. A broader range of asanas are introduced with a range of progressions offered to the individual student’s experience. This class is suitable for those moving beyond the beginner phase through to the advanced practitioner.

Private yoga sessions

Traditionally, yoga was taught one-on-one with yogic masters passing down their wisdom to students in a way that was meaningful to each individual. This personal tuition is still the best way to learn.

At Infuse Health, we offer private yoga sessions in our purpose-built Iyengar Yoga School to give you a completely personalised experience.

In a private yoga session, your certified Iyengar Yoga teacher will tailor the practise to your individual needs.

Depending on your circumstances, you can address specific issues such as pain or injury and learn to work safely with in your own body or learn correct and precise techniques that will benefit you.

You can also receive personalised instruction to ensure you’re working at the right level for you or explore new aspects of yoga such as pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy.

Overall a private yoga session can provide you with more confidence, inspiration and motivation in your practice.

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Private session (one person): $100/hr per session.

Private small group session (two – four people): $140/hr per session.

Corporate sessions: contact us directly for costing.

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