Yoga for Balance

Practicing yoga unites your body, mind, and spirit, bringing you into total balance. From a physical perspective, yoga increases strength and flexibility, which in turn improves body balance and your ability to hold specific poses. From a mental and spiritual perspective, yoga encourages self-reflection, emotional regulation, focus, and concentration, providing much-needed balance to your inner self, in addition to a feeling of total balance.

At Infuse Health, we want to help you discover total balance across every domain. That’s why our Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers carefully guide you through every asana, ensuring you have the opportunity to find balance by uniting your body, mind and spirit.

Body Balance

Yoga is an ideal way to learn about your body and how it moves. The natural movements of yoga help the brain better sense where your body needs to be without looking, increasing your physical balance skills. Holding set asanas for increasingly longer periods of time enhances body awareness, assists in everyday activities and improves your physical balance. 

Falls Prevention

As our bodies age, we become more susceptible to falls and physical injury. Yoga is an effective way to maintain your balance and reduce your falls risk. With an emphasis on strengthening muscle and maintaining movement, yoga is a low-impact and accessible activity that is ideal for participants of any age. Reduce the risk of falls as you age with the help of yoga.

Emotional Regulation

It’s much harder to regulate your emotions when you feel stressed and overwhelmed, but yoga can help you stay on top of your emotions and help you find emotional balance. Concentrating on your breathwork and your asana, you’ll learn how to calm your mind and discover a sense of peace, skills that can help you deal with the challenging emotions of daily life.

Everyday Resilience

Yoga is a great way to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit, building your capacity to bounce back from adversity. As you progress and work on your technique, you’ll develop new skills in persistence, determination and resilience. Regularly honing these skills will help you cope better with the challenges of everyday life, working towards building your everyday resilience.

Enjoy the Benefits of Yoga Today

Seeking balance in your busy life? Chat to Infuse Health to find out how yoga can help you rediscover physical and emotional balance.

Yoga Courses Newcastle

Our Newcastle Iyengar Yoga School offers a range of yoga courses to meet every need. From our beginner introduction program and over 50s classes through to our sessions for more experienced practitioners, there is a yoga course to suit you at Infuse Health.


For those new to yoga or the Iyengar system, this six-week program introduces foundation asanas and gives students an understanding of the yoga’s philosophy. Unlimited classes each week give students the chance to build strong foundations.

Level 1

This class is for those who have completed the Beginners Course or equivalent Iyengar Yoga classes. It builds on the foundation asanas, including a regular shoulder stand practice, and introduces pranayama (breath work).

Level 1/2

This class is for those attending Level 1 classes regularly (more than six months), who are familiar with supporting their own practice. In the level 1/2 class there is additional time for systematic approach to intermediate asanas.

Level 2

This class is generally suitable for experienced students with 2-5 years committed practice and are confident with adjusting their practice as required. Familiarity of inversions and backbends is required. Level 2 classes will deepen understanding of intermediate asanas and begin exploring more advance asanas.

Over 50s

Designed for people 50-plus, who are new to yoga, returning after time away from the practice or experienced practitioners. Its aim is to empower individual practice by improving balance, flexibility, strength and endurance.


This 60-minute class is an introduction to disciplined breath work. By definition ‘prana’ is breath, respiration, vitality, life, currents of energy and ‘ayama’ stretch, expansion, regulation, control. Thus Pranayama is about breath prolongation and its restraint.