Yoga for Beginners

Are you wondering whether yoga is for you? Have you always wanted to try a class for yourself? Here at Infuse Health, we believe yoga is for everyone and we feel everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy its many health benefits.

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Infuse Health's Yoga Philosophy

Infuse Health’s Iyengar Yoga School practices Iyengar Yoga, a style of yoga emphasising technique, sequencing and timing. Developed by BKS Iyengar, this yoga style is designed to make yoga accessible for all, using props and aids to help participants achieve an optimal pose (asana), regardless of fitness or ability.

The aim of Iyengar Yoga is to help everyone benefit from improved health by uniting the body, mind and spirit through precise, ordered movements. Our certified Iyengar Yoga teachers guide participants through an ordered sequence at their own pace, only proceeding once both asana (pose) and pranayama (breath control) have been mastered.

Props, such as belts, blankets, blocks, ropes and chairs are utilised to help position the body correctly, to achieve optimal benefit. The use of props can also help those with mobility challenges participate and enjoy the benefits of Iyengar Yoga. Props are also used to intensify, challenge, deepen, relax or support poses, at every level.

Yoga for All

Here at Infuse Health, we passionately believe yoga is for everyone. Our aim is to make yoga accessible to all, regardless of age, ability, experience or capacity. Our certified Iyengar Yoga teachers adapt their lessons to suit your needs so you too can take advantage of optimal health and wellbeing.

The advantage of our Iyengar Yoga School lies in our focus on correct positioning and in our use of props. Taking the time for self-observation, and improving the quality of your asana (pose), means you work at your own level, in line with “todays” capacity. Correct positioning also means you get to enjoy the more of the many benefits of yoga, including improved concentration, less stress, increased strength and greater mobility.

The use of props in Iyengar Yoga helps people of all abilities to take part. Belts, blocks, ropes and chairs can help you attain the right position, ensuring you get the most benefit from each asana. As you progress, props can also be used to challenge you further, ensuring you continue to get the most out of each session.

Inclusive, friendly and pressure-free

Yes, that’s right – we are all those things and more!

You may have tried gyms or other fitness facilities before and felt overwhelmed or out of place. Don’t worry, we’ve been there too, which is why we established Infuse Health in the first place. We wanted to create an accessible, inclusive community where you can be inspired, not overwhelmed.

We believe we’ve created the place for optimal wellbeing in Newcastle, where you can learn how to find the best possible health for your body, mind and spirit. The holistic lifestyle principles we teach can easily be part of your day – every day. When you use these practices and tools regularly, they will help to increase your vitality, energy and longevity

Our Iyengar Yoga School lives these principles by welcoming people of all ages, abilities and experience. BKS Iyengar himself wanted to make yoga more accessible so everyone could enjoy its many benefits. Infuse Health carries on his legacy by offering an inclusive, friendly and pressure-free environment so everyone can enjoy the benefits of greater health and wellbeing.

Beginner's Yoga Classes

Beginners are warmly welcomed at Infuse Health’s Iyengar Yoga School. We’re committed to helping you achieve greater physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through the practice of yoga. Foundation classes concentrate on establishing correct technique to ensure you get the most from your session and achieve optimal results. Work at your own pace and benefit from individual guidance as you start the journey towards improved health and wellbeing.

If you need equipment to start your Yoga journey, you can find all the important Yoga equipment at Infuse Health or you can buy online at iYogaProps.

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Everyone has to begin somewhere!

Begin your yoga journey by joining Infuse Health. As independently rated one of the top 3 yoga studios in Newcastle, you can trust us to guide you on the path to greater health and wellbeing. Talk to us today about our beginner yoga courses and how we can help you find calm, clarity and confidence.