Yoga for fitness

Practicing yoga increases your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, while delivering a genuine full body workout at the same time. Even physiologists who don’t do yoga, agree that yoga provides benefits well beyond flexibility and relaxation. Growing research shows that yoga also improves strength, balance, aerobic capacity, and lung function.

This makes yoga highly effective in increasing your fitness, health and wellbeing.

Yoga for Strength

Yoga is ideal for building strength, increasing endurance and toning muscles. Strength and endurance improves as you hold a pose (asana) for a period of time and repeat it during your session. As you move, stretch and hold different positions, yoga also tones both large and small muscles throughout your body.

Yoga is ideal strength training for people of every ability. It encourages you to move your body in natural ways, ensuring continued strength, function and movement, while limiting the risk of injury. Regular yoga will improve your body’s ability to undertake everyday activities, such as bending, lifting, sitting and walking. It will also increase your ability to enjoy higher intensity activities from hiking to sports.

Yoga for Balance

Yoga can bring balance to all parts of your life, helping you better regulate your emotions, find more energy and improve focus and concentration. Practising yoga unites your body, mind and spirit, bringing you into total balance.

From a physical perspective, yoga is scientifically proven to increases balance, agility and motor skills. Overall yoga enhances numerous physical components for both functional daily living and more athletic endeavours.

While it’s sometimes important to hold your pose (other times flow is the focus), it’s just as important to still your mind and control your breathing. Concentrating on your thoughts and breathing can help you relax more deeply, connect to yourself and balance your mind. This can help you become more confident, make better decisions and cope better with the stress of everyday life.

Yoga for Resilience

Resilience means bouncing back from adversity. Yoga is a great way to strengthen your body, mind and spirit to improve your ability to bounce back. It’s one of the best forms of exercise that connects these three main elements of resilience, helping you to cope better with the challenges of everyday life.

Pushing through and learning to hold poses, still your mind and control your breathing helps build resilience. It gives you the confidence to keep going and to challenge yourself to go further. Moreover, regular yoga practice can help you feel more centred and assist you in dealing with whatever life throws at you, increasing your everyday resilience.

Yoga for Flexibility

It’s no surprise that stretching helps build flexibility, releasing tight muscles and preventing pain and injury. With its emphasis on body positioning and stretching, yoga is the perfect way to increase flexibility in everyone. Regular yoga practice can help prevent muscle soreness by releasing the buildup of lactic acid that leads to muscle pain and fatigue.

Yoga brings harmony and balance to all muscle groups, helping them work together to increase movement and flexibility. Yoga also builds mental and emotional flexibility, allowing you to think with more clarity, focus on solutions and deal more confidently with change. In other words, yoga can improve flexibility in all areas of your life.

Yoga Courses Newcastle

Our Newcastle Iyengar Yoga School offers a range of yoga courses to meet every need. From our beginner introduction program and over 50s classes through to our sessions for more experienced practitioners, there is a yoga course to suit you at Infuse Health.


For those new to yoga or the Iyengar system, this six-week program introduces foundation asanas and gives students an understanding of the yoga’s philosophy. Unlimited classes each week give students the chance to build strong foundations.

Level 1

This class is for those who have completed the Beginners Course or equivalent Iyengar Yoga classes. It builds on the foundation asanas, including a regular shoulder stand practice, and introduces pranayama (breath work).

Level 1/2

This class is for those attending Level 1 classes regularly (more than six months), who are familiar with supporting their own practice. In the level 1/2 class there is additional time for systematic approach to intermediate asanas.

Level 2

This class is generally suitable for experienced students with 2-5 years committed practice and are confident with adjusting their practice as required. Familiarity of inversions and backbends is required. Level 2 classes will deepen understanding of intermediate asanas and begin exploring more advance asanas.

Over 50s

Designed for people 50-plus, who are new to yoga, returning after time away from the practice or experienced practitioners. Its aim is to empower individual practice by improving balance, flexibility, strength and endurance.


This 60-minute class is an introduction to disciplined breath work. By definition ‘prana’ is breath, respiration, vitality, life, currents of energy and ‘ayama’ stretch, expansion, regulation, control. Thus Pranayama is about breath prolongation and its restraint.

Our Newcastle Yoga Studio

Our purpose-built and fully-equipped Iyengar Yoga School has all the props required to achieve your ideal asana, including blankets, blocks, belts, chairs and shoulder-stand cushions. We can support you, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, with our dedicated yoga school able to hold private one-on-one sessions, small group sessions and corporate groups.

Infuse Health’s Iyengar Yoga School has been rated one of the top 3 yoga studios in Newcastle, reflecting our commitment to our clients, our expertise and the quality of our teaching. With more than 40 years combined experience among our certified Iyengar Yoga teachers, this confirms our belief that Infuse Health is the perfect yoga studio for people of all ages and abilities in Newcastle.

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