Yoga for Flexibility & Movement

Focusing on body positioning and stretching, yoga is the ideal activity if you want to increase your movement and flexibility. Regular practice assists in preventing muscle soreness by releasing the buildup of lactic acid that leads to muscle pain and fatigue. Yoga helps the body work together by systematically strengthening different muscle groups, minimising the risk of injury and increasing flexibility and movement.

Following the teachings of BKS Iyengar, the experienced yoga teachers at Infuse Health are committed to guiding your yoga journey. Whether you’re a beginner or an old hand, we’re here to support you to enhance your flexibility, everyday movement, recovery and strength.

Everyday Movement

Finding everyday movement more of a challenge? Yoga is a safe and accessible way to increase your range of movement and your ability to enjoy everyday activities. Concentrating on lengthening and strengthening muscles throughout your body, yoga helps to maintain and improve your range of movement so you can continue to live your best life.

Quicker Recovery

Taking longer to recover following your workouts? Consider incorporating yoga practice into your life, to aid in your recovery between sessions. A great way to release the buildup of lactic acid following training or sport, yoga is a low-impact, yet effective tool in the recovery process. With regular yoga practice, you’ll always be ready for your next workout or training session.

Improved Flexibility

Looking to improve your body’s flexibility? Working on different muscle groups, yoga helps strengthen and stretch your muscles, giving you greater range of movement and increased flexibility. Even if you feel you are not at all flexible, the use of props to support your practice will help you find a level of flexibility you never imagined you could reach.

Physical Strength

Yoga builds strength throughout your entire body as you focus on holding and improving different asanas. As you move, stretch and hold different positions, you’ll begin to build more strength and muscle tone. Encouraging you to move in natural ways, yoga is a low impact and highly accessible way to build strength to help you maintain flexibility and movement.

Reap the Benefits of Yoga Today

Talk to the team at Infuse Health to discover how we can support you to achieve greater movement and flexibility through the practice of Iyengar Yoga.

Yoga Courses Newcastle

Our Newcastle Iyengar Yoga School offers a range of yoga courses to meet every need. From our beginner introduction program and over 50s classes through to our sessions for more experienced practitioners, there is a yoga course to suit you at Infuse Health.


For those new to yoga or the Iyengar system, this six-week program introduces foundation asanas and gives students an understanding of the yoga’s philosophy. Unlimited classes each week give students the chance to build strong foundations.

Level 1

This class is for those who have completed the Beginners Course or equivalent Iyengar Yoga classes. It builds on the foundation asanas, including a regular shoulder stand practice, and introduces pranayama (breath work).

Level 1/2

This class is for those attending Level 1 classes regularly (more than six months), who are familiar with supporting their own practice. In the level 1/2 class there is additional time for systematic approach to intermediate asanas.

Level 2

This class is generally suitable for experienced students with 2-5 years committed practice and are confident with adjusting their practice as required. Familiarity of inversions and backbends is required. Level 2 classes will deepen understanding of intermediate asanas and begin exploring more advance asanas.

Over 50s

Designed for people 50-plus, who are new to yoga, returning after time away from the practice or experienced practitioners. Its aim is to empower individual practice by improving balance, flexibility, strength and endurance.


This 60-minute class is an introduction to disciplined breath work. By definition ‘prana’ is breath, respiration, vitality, life, currents of energy and ‘ayama’ stretch, expansion, regulation, control. Thus Pranayama is about breath prolongation and its restraint.