Over 50’s Movement Classes at Infuse Health

Over 50? Movement is the best investment you’ll make in your health and wellbeing, adding years to your life, but more importantly, life to your years.

Make the most of your new-found freedom

Retired or semi-retired? Now’s the time to make the most of your new-found freedom from the daily grind. Infuse Health’s new over 50’s Movement Class is designed to help you regain and maintain fitness, function and flexibility through guided movement activities.

Whether you’re trying to keep up with the grandkids, planning an overseas odyssey or wanting to make the most of life after work, incorporating regular movement into your day can help you enjoy the good things in life.

Daily movement is linked to increased energy, reduced chronic illness, weight control, improved physical health and better mental health. Whatever your age, ability or experience, our new over 50’s movement class can help improve your life.

The Benefits of Regular Movement for over 50’s

It’s no secret that regular exercise can deliver a whole host of benefits, whatever your age. Regular movement for those over 50 can:

  • reduce the risk of disease
  • enhance energy levels
  • help maintain healthy weight
  • assist with mental and emotional wellbeing
  • help you feel better about yourself and your life
  • increase your strength
  • improve mobility
  • improve your quality of life
  • reduce the risk of injury
  • help you to stay independent for longer
  • minimise the need for medication
  • improve sleep
  • address chronic health issues
  • boost your levels of confidence and satisfaction

With all these benefits, why wouldn’t you look at ways to incorporate regular movement into your day?

How Our Over 50’s Movement Classes Can Help

Our new class focuses on improving movement quality and rebuilding the body’s dynamic attributes. So, we work on reconnecting the body to operate as a whole, strengthen weak patterns and focus on mobilising restrictions to improve your overall physical capability.

Our movement gym offers classes for everyone of all abilities, catering from beginners through to the highly practiced. Through these classes, you’ll learn how to do a broad range of skills, freely and with confidence. With this newfound knowledge, you’ll feel more stable, balanced and coordinated, you’ll be able to understand and control what’s happening inside your body and have the ability to try new activities.

How to Get the Most Out Of Our Over 50’s Movement Classes

The best way to get the most out our classes is to come along and try them out for yourself. Remember, it’s never too late to enjoy the freedom of movement – studies have shown that everyone, regardless of age, benefits from movement and exercise. So, come along, give the class a go and discover how good you can feel through guided movement.

It also helps to keep a regular routine to get the most out of our classes. We hold over 50s movement classes every weekday, giving you the opportunity to participate when it best suits you. Whether you’d prefer to stick to one class a week or commit to more, our classes support you to build regular movement into your life.

Last, but not least, start slowly. We’ll work with you to gradually improve your strength, movement, flexibility and coordination. We’re committed to helping you reach your individual potential, whatever that looks like for you. If you’re just getting started with exercise or have a chronic condition, we’ll ease you into movement to maximise the benefits for you.

It’s time to live your best life! Contact the team at Infuse Health today to find out how we can improve your quality of life through our new over 50’s movement classes.

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