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All skill levels are welcome at our Adamstown Yoga Studio. Our welcoming studio and vibrant staff are just two reasons why Infuse Health is fast becoming the preferred choice for Yoga in Newcastle. 


Experience a new level of everyday vitality with our Movement classes. Our courses focus on reconnecting your body, strengthening areas of weakness and improving your power, control and grace

holistic personal training

Our Holistic Personal Training programs enable you to reach your wellbeing goals in an upward spiral of health, vitality, fitness and longevity.

Corporate Wellbeing

Our corporate wellbeing programs guide your staff towards greater happiness, while improving performance, productivity and engagement.

the place in newcastle for optimal wellbeing

Where you can be inspired through yoga, movement and nutrition to find the best possible health for your body, mind and spirit. The holistic lifestyle principles you learn can easily be part of your day – every day. When you use these practices and tools regularly, they will help to increase your vitality, energy and longevity.


we believe in movement & yoga for all.

Our Yoga, Movement and Personal Training programs are available for anyone. At Infuse Health, we’re proud to cater for all experience levels, body types, age groups and ability levels. If you are wanting to feel a richer connection with your body, strengthen areas of weakness, move more freely or embrace the relaxing practice of movement and yoga, Infuse Health is for you.

If you are coming from another Yoga studio in Newcastle or abroad, if you are new to Iyengar Yoga or if you are new to Yoga altogether, we welcome you at our Yoga Studio.

If you have the feeling that crunching iron at the gym isn’t giving you the results you are looking for or if you want to unlock the full potential and power of your body, we welcome you at our Movement Gym.  

thanks iyengar, injury-free and fit

I am a house painter aged 61. Five years ago, I fell off a roof. I broke my shoulder badly and it would not come good. I was told to “learn to live with the disability”. Then I met Rachael. Her intricate knowledge of Iyengar Yoga with its props and alternatives allowed me to attend her classes. Slowly I improved and could do full poses. Rachael’s yoga rebuilt me. Now, I find myself injury free and in the best nick I have ever been in my life.

– Michael Wilson

yoga is more than poses

I started yoga with Rachael to improve my flexibility and strength. Her supportive teaching style has been instrumental in developing my practice. I am able to do poses I never thought possible! She is able to challenge me to ensure I am working to my full potential. I would recommend Rachael to anyone wanting to practise yoga, from the beginner to the experienced yogi – she will get the best out of you!

– Katryna Harman

the infuse health newcastle iyengar yoga school

Within Infuse Health is an Iyengar Yoga School, one of only a handful of Iyengar Yoga Studios in Newcastle. It follows, a traditional style of yoga, named after BKS Iyengar, who wanted yoga to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their age or ability. The aim of Iyengar Yoga is to unite the body, mind and spirit through precise, ordered movements, for improved health and wellbeing.

the infuse health newcastle movement gym

Located In Adamstown, within Infuse Health there is a purpose built Movement Gym. We aim to provide you with the training to improve all aspects of your physical fitness and abilities. Our method delivers the tools required to reconnect the body to operate as a whole, strengthen weaknesses, mobilise restrictions and improve your ability to adapt and learn.

The outcome is an impressively strong, mobile body (and mind) that is highly skillful, well balanced and resilient.


Have you heard of Movement? It’s a class that rebuilds our bodies to move as we should! Lead by passionate, highly knowledgeable teachers, Infuse Health Movement classes are open to all ages and capabilities with a focus on creating the best version of you.

MOVEMENT CLASSES || Push/Pull Progressions

Our movement gym offers classes for everyone – all abilities with progressions for the beginner through to the highly practiced. Through these classes, you will learn to do a broad range of skills freely with confidence.


There’s always a new challenge in movement. Whether it be games or play – we continually mix up the rules to create new learnings and experiences.

Play introduces the natural movement complexity that comes from human interaction. We use games for many reasons within the session – as a warmup, to refocus, to recover, joint preparation, and to work specific attributes. There is a starting point for everyone’s capabilities.

nurture body and mind

Infuse Health is an absolutely incredible business that has a holistic focus on teaching people how to best take care of their body (… and their mind!). 
I go to both movement and yoga classes and I love how the practices complement one another. 

I have been practising yoga for 6 years now and Infuse Yoga School is on another level and the best yoga teaching I have ever had! I have learnt so much from the teachers to deepen my personal practice and my understanding of yoga as a whole. 

The people attending Infuse are all incredibly friendly and inclusive. You are bound to make friends here with both the members and teachers. 

I cannot more highly recommend trying the beginner’s yoga course and/or movement introduction course (or both!). You are guaranteed to have loads of fun, improve and learn a lot about your body and mind.

– Joe Gurr

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