Personal Training for Everyday Vitality

There is so much more to our personal training than aesthetics. Sure it’s a positive side effect that plays an important role in your confidence and self-esteem. But what about how you feel and how you move? Do you consider how your training is affecting all aspects of your life, stress levels, mood, mindset, and your physical capacity both now and into the future? Here’s a tip, excessive isolation and machine assisted exercise will not do you any favours. Our personal Training is movement focused which provides transferable and adaptable attributes for everything from physical freedom & resilience to athletic performance.

The outcome is an impressively strong, mobile body (and mind) that is skillful, well balanced and resilient.

We love working with people who understand health is achieved through a broader lifestyle approach and are open to all aspects of health. This will enable you to achieve the fitness, vitality, health and overall results you are after.

We also really love working with people who have injuries or restrictions. We can show you how a movement approach can complement the work of other health professionals (physio’s, chiro’s, osteo’s, surgeons etc.) and we aim to improve your physical capacity to a level that exceeds your expectations.

Ultimately, our personal training is builta around understanding the bodies’ desires and all the optimal conditions, so you can thrive within it.

What Members of the Infuse Health Family Say

I love coming to both the yoga and the movement classes at infuse. The team really make an effort to ensure you feel involved and welcome. The instructors are all very knowledgeable, and they always go above and beyond in every lesson.

Molly Blair

Infuse Health is all about people and health. Their vision is to make everyone a healthy, stronger, flexible and happy individuals. I would recommend anyone to this fitness community. You are treated with respect, understanding and warmth. 10/10 from me Anastasia

Anastasia Nixon