Movement for Athletes

As an athlete, you’re looking for a training edge, something to supercharge your performance. 

You’re most likely already targeting specific work and drills for your individual sport. However, the edge you seek won’t come from more effort in these areas. It’s time to work on your general movement skills, because it’s these skills that hold the key to your improved performance.

The reason for this? The body is a complex system, connected together to operate as a whole. If you concentrate on one area and ignore another, you’re not going to get the most from your efforts because each area is only as strong as the other.

To reach your potential, it’s vital that all forms of movement are practised and explored as part of your training schedule. Movement practice develops and reconnects the body, creating a powerful, resilient, diversely capable and highly adaptable athlete.

A holistic approach, with the aim of improving all aspects of your movement and physical fitness, is the training edge you’re looking for. Drawing on the best of strength training, gymnastics, calisthenics, dance, martial arts and yoga, grow stronger, more flexible and more creative, whatever your sport.

Supercharge your training by focusing on a broader range of movements and take advantage of these benefits:

Improved movement

Dedicated movement classes develop the physical characteristics you need to reach your movement potential. Strength, balance, stability, coordination, power, flow, endurance and movement are explored and improved through a variety of activities.

Increased coordination

Increase your range of motion and develop the strength, balance, and stability to better utilise and connect the body. Reduce tension, decrease injury and strengthen your body through a range of stretching activities designed to increase coordination.

More strength

Use weights, such as barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells, to develop fundamental lifting patterns to improve coordination, muscular synchronisation and cohesion, joint/ligament strength, balance and stability. Also benefit from increased muscle and improved strength.

Better balance

Incorporating hand balance into your training builds a highly capable upper body. It requires intense focus which brings your attention to the moment. With consistency, it opens up a new realm of movement, improving your focus and your performance.

Efficient Breathing

Increase energy levels, develop lung capacity, reduce stress and improve overall mental and physical wellbeing by expanding your conscious awareness of your breathing patterns. Develop more efficient breathing techniques based on breath work from a range of disciplines.

Heightened Awareness

Understand and control what’s happening inside your body through movement activities. Increase your confidence, reduce the chance of injury and push your limits with your newfound awareness of your body and what it’s capable of achieving.

Sharpened Focus

Regular movement practice leaves your body feeling strong, relaxed and energised while also sharpening your mind. Recognise patterns quicker, pick up new skills more easily and benefit from improved mental focus, while also enjoying better mental health and improved motivation.

Movement Teachers Playing on Gym Equipment
Josh from Infuse Health on Balance

As an athlete, it’s important you have the chance to explore your full range of capabilities and improve in areas that need work. The outcome of a holistic movement program for athletes is a strong mobile body (and mind) that is highly skilled, well balanced and resilient.

Infuse Health offers dedicated movement classes to give athletes all these benefits and more. With classes for movement, balance, mobility, strength and breathing, we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to enhance your training regime and give you an edge over your competition.

Contact our team today to discover how our holistic approach to training can supercharge your performance and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

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