Do you have energetic kids that love to jump, roll, crawl, climb, swing and play? We have the perfect class for your little people.

Kids Movement will incorporate lots of movement practices such as gymnastics, yoga, parkour, martial arts, games, coordination, dance, and much more.

In a safe and inclusive environment, we have classes catering for 2 year olds right through to our Teens which will help to make them stronger, fitter, more confident beings.

It’s all about FUN!!

Bookings are for a full School Term and School Holidays following.

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Mini Movers

(3 – 5 yo)
This class has the child’s basic physical and social skills in mind. Locomotive and manipulative skills will be developed with the use of games and rhythm, with the help of the big friends (parents and/or carer). Our big friends are encouraged to participate in all of the activities as a positive role model.

Kids Movement

Movement FUNdamentals
(5-9 yo)
This well structured program has the development of fundamental motor skills as its core element. This will assist in any other sports or activities your child will ever want to participate in. Perhaps most importantly though, is that this is achieved while having loads of FUN!

Movement & Play
(7-10 yo)
This phase of the program has the development of physical, cognitive and emotional skills as its centre. This assists in individual and group sports, school games and any other social interaction through improved confidence. The kids will be empowered and educated through movement while having FUN.

Strength & Movement
(9-12 yo)
The last step of our comprehensive junior kids program is a combination of strength, timing and speed among other capacities. In this program you can expect small group classes where the kids’ capacities are refined and optimised to transfer into sport, higher confidence and general life. Kids will get safely stronger and faster with great fun & laughter.

Youth Movement

(12+ yo)
Youth Movement
The youth program has the creation of a positive relationship with movement at its essence. This small group class will help the teenagers further build confidence and resiliency in themselves and their bodies. This multidisciplinary program is designed for young athletes to increase power, agility, reactivity and physical connectedness, as well as learning how to navigate an exercise program for their individual goals.

Kids Movement Timetable

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