Infuse Health is the place for everyday vitality. Where you can be inspired to use the tools of yoga, movement and nutrition to thrive and have the best possible wellbeing for you.

Founders Rachael and Joshua Pole believe everyone can have vitality, energy and longevity by increasing the bodies’ functionality, inspiring an empowered outlook and minimising internal and external stressors. Their aim is to provide education and guidance for self-care – through yoga, movement and nutrition – to be part of every day.

With this philosophy in mind, the couple designed Infuse Health as a purpose-built space with an Iyengar Yoga school, movement gym, consultation rooms and an area to sit, relax and chat over a cup of tea.


Rachael is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher with an established background in wellness. A career in health including two degrees, nursing and nutrition dietetics, she was introduced to Iyengar Yoga and fell in love with its variation, precision and alignment.

Through Iyengar Yoga, Rachael improved her strength and gained stability and control of her flexibility. However, it was the changes to her mind, especially more clarity, focus, perspective and calmness that had her hooked and eventually she started her teacher training.

For seven years, Rachael has studied the Iyengar system, with quarterly teacher training intensives. This regime, like for all Iyengar certified teachers, has no end point, as the development process is the purpose of the study. She currently studies under senior teacher Alan Goode of Yoga Mandir in Canberra, who regularly attends and trains with the Iyengar family in Pune, India.



Josh is a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, AWF weightlifting coach and CHEK holistic lifestyle coach. With a passion for movement and continual learning, he regularly attends workshops and retreats. His latest study is the Ido Portal Method that aims to reconnect physicality and maximise movement potential.

Melding his knowledge and expertise, Josh is motivated to increase the body’s physical abilities and awareness. He uses concepts drawn from numerous physical specialisations and reshapes them to a generalist approach. Elements such as power, mobility, balance, spatial control, coordination and play, are explored to leave the body feeling strong, relaxed and energised.

Together, Rachael and Josh’s mission is to nurture, educate and teach through classes, workshops and personal coaching the lifestyle principles of Infuse Health for everyday vitality.

I have been attending Rachael’s yoga classes for some years. As her sequences unfold, you are supported through clear instruction, with just enough detail to ensure an image of the pose in your mind and you achieve your individual potential on that day. The clarity and confidence of her instruction, is enhanced by her supportive and enthusiastic nature and, most importantly, her sense of fun. I always feel welcomed, comfortable and very safe in her classes.

– Sonia Liddiard

Rachael has instructed me in strength and intermediate classes in the Iyengar system for more than three years. Through her clear instruction, her ability to provide you with those little tweaks in the pose, I have been able to achieve strength, flexibility and peace of mind. I understand yoga is a long journey; Rachael’s encouragement and guidance has made this passage so far, for me, an exciting one full of self-awareness. Sign up for one of her classes and you will only be rewarded.

– John Bamberry

the infuse health team


Carlie’s journey on the path of yoga began in 2011 when an experience in Asia opened up a whole new understanding and level of perspective for her.

Since then she has studied & explored modalities, all along the lines of natural and alternative health & wellbeing, and most recently completed her Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training with Sue & Peter Scott based in Melbourne.

Carlie respects that the journey of Yoga is one where exploration is endless and believes that the best of her knowledge of teaching is cultivated from her own personal experiences. Whilst she still see’s herself very much as a student, she finds value in passing on to others what she has learned on her journey of Yoga so far.

As far as personal interests, Carlie is a lover of the Ocean & Mother Nature in general. She has spent time travelling overseas & has also travelled a lap around Australia.

She has always lived a pretty stress free and balanced lifestyle in terms of not being too busy to make time for the things she loves!



Joe is an Ayurvedic practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Martial Artist and Breath training enthusiast.

With over 12 years of practice, education and formal study in health and healing, Joe has spent countless time and energy in unravelling the mysteries of the ancient east.

Now combining this wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda with Martial Arts, Movement, Qi Gong, Physiology, Anatomy, Biology, Herbology Reiki and Astrology.

Joe has a very unique perspective which has been strongly influenced by his spiritual teaching in Thailand and training in Breatheology.

Incorporating Yoga pranayama with athletic free diving, Wim Hof and the Chinese Arts of breath work.

Ultimately this wholistic approach is to give solid education and guidance to the multifaceted layers of our health.


Luke’s movement background extends over 20 years, originally training in gymnastics, before competing in representative rugby league, followed by Crossfit, boxing, ‘movement’ and yoga.

His personal journey has shown him movement can be an extraordinary avenue to unlock our latent potential and is made evermore powerful when combined with awareness and breath work (in particular the Wim Hof method and Pranayama).

Luke has been a qualified personal trainer for over ten years and specialised in functional fitness. He’s also a certified yoga instructor.

He believe in the infinite intelligence of our bodies to heal, guide and connect for a deeper and more fulfilling experience of life.

Luke’s education has also incorporated anatomy, physiology, meditation and energy work and continues to evolve in these areas.

So far Luke’s gone the road less travelled, the road well travelled, and a lot of whacky paths in between but throughout, he’s found healing, solace, strength and joy from movement in its various forms. Sharing it as an avenue to help others wherever they are on their path is something Luke really enjoys.


Maryann has been a student of yoga since 1994. She is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. Her first teacher training was with Eve Grzybowski in 1998 who had been a Senior Iyengar yoga teacher in the 1990’s. She has also recently completed another teacher training under Senior Iyengar yoga teacher Pixie Lillas. Maryann has been teaching yoga since 1999. She has a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology drawing from her background as a radiographer. Maryann has spent many years travelling in India learning and imbibing the roots of yoga. The atmosphere of Maryann’s classes is one of calm and inclusivity. All students are welcomed. She believes that you as a student will gain the most benefit from your yoga practice in a comfortable and non-threatening environment.



Sophie has always had a keen interest in the body and how it functions – as an instrument for artistic expression and as a tool to sharpen the mind through the practice of Yoga. Being an enthusiastic practitioner of Iyengar Yoga since 2009, Sophie became a certified teacher in May 2017 and continues to study regularly under Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher Pixie Lillas. Sophie had the privilege of studying with the Iyengar Family at RIMYI in Pune, India, in 2016. In her teaching you will feel her enthusiasm as Sophie motivates people to work towards better health, finding freedom and openness, in an atmosphere of kindness. She encourages students to challenge themselves and to appreciate the precision and depth of Iyengar Yoga.