Infuse Health named in top 3 yoga studios in Newcastle

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Infuse Health named in top 3 yoga studios in Newcastle

The team at Infuse Health is rather pleased (okay, we’re actually thrilled!) to announce we’ve been named as one of the top 3 yoga studios in Newcastle by Three Best Rated.

Judged on 50 areas, including reviews, cost, history, ratings, satisfaction, trust and reputation, we came out in the top 3 for all yoga studios in Newcastle. This result is testament to our ongoing passion, drive and commitment to our clients.

Being recognised in this way validates our mission to nurture, educate and teach lifestyle principles for everyday living. We believe everyone can have vitality, energy and longevity by improving physical functionality, developing an empowered outlook and minimising stressors.

Our top rated Iyengar Yoga Studio helps clients reach these goals by giving you confidence in your body’s functionality, teaching you to stop, breathe, and listen, and practising being in the moment. These practises increase your clarity, calmness, stress resistance, sleep quality and longevity.

We’re proud that our proven experience shines through in this result. With more than 30 years combined experience among our Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers, this confirms our belief that Infuse Health is the perfect yoga studio for people of all ages and abilities.

Our commitment to responding to the needs of our clients was also highlighted by Three Best Rated in this result. We love hearing from you and finding out how we can make your experience at Infuse Health even better. We’re proud that our commitment to you has been recognised and awarded in this way.

Most of all, we’re delighted to be the only Iyengar Yoga studio named in the top 3 yoga studios in Newcastle. With a purpose built studio, classes for every ability level and a commitment to helping everyone enjoy the many benefits of yoga, this makes us even more determined to help our clients reach their individual health potential.

We’re in the mood to celebrate so come on in if you’d like to discover first hand what makes us top rated. Otherwise, give us a call to find out why Infuse Health has been named by Three Best Rated as one of the top 3 yoga studios in Newcastle.

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