Repetition & Adaption – by Josh Pole, Movement Teacher at Infuse Health

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Repetition & Adaption – by Josh Pole, Movement Teacher at Infuse Health

I would like to share a basic yet powerful concept. To some degree, most of you will be aware of this concept but you may not know how deeply it runs.

Every physical action and mental process is adapting you to be better at that very thing. Be it positive or negative, adaption does not discriminate.

Here is a quote from Frank Forencich:

“We tend to think of reps as motor behaviours such as athletic movements or musical passages, but we can just as well talk about cognitive reps, emotional reps, and even spiritual reps. We don’t just practice movements, we also practice meanings. The processes that shape the human body also shape the totality of our life experience.”

Our continual adaptions are complex and integrated in that they occur at every level of our body and mind. And science is constantly readjusting the limits of adaption to the point they can longer define them as they are consistently expanded.

This provides some major implications. The most important of which I believe is that you have the complete and total responsibility for everything about you which is also the incredibly empowering.

Consider how you wish to behave, perceive, look, role-model, feel, and live? If you want to be happier, healthier and more vital, you will need to direct all your decisions and thus adaption processes both physical and mental towards them.

Decide what is best for you, then do it! It will become easier and easier as you adapt to repeating this behaviour. The flip side is that when you don’t follow through or choose something that doesn’t serve you, you are getting better at doing that very thing.

A simple example… You decide you are going to get up early to (insert activity). If you do or don’t follow through, you get better at following or not following through and you are more likely to repeat this behaviour in the future – neural wiring (attitude, willpower, perception +++) adapts, circadian rhythms adapt, physiology adapts, self-esteem adapts, ability to return to sleep/step out of bed adapts, and we haven’t even touched on other flow on effects with related habits and effects on your friends/tribe. I’m sure you understand the picture I’m trying to paint.

Your beliefs and thought patterns are also subject to continual adaption and are far from a simply personality trait. They are no different to the physical example above that has a multifaceted adaption process linked. Mental based repetitions (thoughts, attitude, perception, beliefs, feelings and every other mind activity) has its own complex integrated full body adaption process. With practice you can choose your state of being. This usually takes a certain level of awareness and practice which is why awareness of mind and body (they are linked) is a key aspect in all of our yoga and movement classes.

The extent of physical and mental change that is possible is beyond your imagination. We have seen such unbelievable physical and mental changes in some clients who have established healthy repetitions within such a short timeframe that our teachers regular comment that they are literally different people.

Own your current state, choose your path, follow it the f#%k through.

Everything is a rep… so wisely direct your adaptions!

Thanks for reading and feel free to share.

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