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Read this before joining your next gym

Like most of us, you want to be the fittest, healthiest, strongest version of you. Gyms may seem the obvious place to get started on your fitness quest, but they’re not for everyone. In fact, a gym may not be the best option for you at all.

Is your aim to look good? Get fit? Improve your performance? Feel better about yourself? Or all of the above? Most gyms specialise in one or two of these areas, but they don’t focus on all areas of health and wellbeing.

If you’re looking for a holistic approach to becoming a healthier, more capable and stronger version of you, our team at Infuse Health offers a real alternative to other gyms in Newcastle. Featuring a yoga studio and movement gym, Infuse Health focuses on improving all aspects of health and wellbeing, both physical and mental.

We do this by working on a whole range of movements and functions that are vital to maintaining your physical & mental health, including:

Spinal Connection (improving strength, mobility & control)
Joint Function (focusing on injury prevention, strength & self-awareness)
Cognitive Abilities (improving the body’s connection, awareness, adaptability, control and more)
Play (enhancing skills such as problem solving and higher order thinking through games and human interaction)
Community (building a highly motivating and welcoming culture where people can interact and learn from each other)
Body Control (using the most effective methodology to improve strength, mobility, balance & coordination.
Adaptability & Resilience (introducing diversity in movement and training to improve physical freedom and open up the joy of movement in all its forms)

Our unique approach to health and wellbeing draws knowledge and inspiration from numerous disciplines. Evolutionary movements, strength training, gymnastics, sports, animal locomotion, games, mobility training, climbing, parkour, calisthenics, dance, martial arts, yoga and breathe training all find their place in our movement program. Instead of relying on expensive gym equipment, all the complexity is carried out where it should be, within your own body.

At Infuse Health, in addition to health and fitness, we give you so much more. Our training provides a range of additional benefits to unlock your movement potential, including:

  • Enhanced learning ability
  • Reduced incidence of overuse injuries
  • Highly transferable capabilities
  • Healing of chronic pain & dysfunction
  • A body more resilient to general injuries
  • Increased mental sharpness due to the consistent challenge of variation
  • Improved overall awareness and neural connection.
  • Can you imagine other gyms in Newcastle providing the same range of benefits?

Our classes and workshops are for everyone, regardless of ability or experience. Everything is scalable and adaptable to your current ability. You will always be challenged, and certainly never bored, at Infuse Health!

So, forget about joining the gym. Come along and see how our team at Infuse Health can make you the healthiest, strongest and most capable version of you.

Contact us by emailing hello@infusehealth.com.au, calling 02 4049 8134 or chatting with us via our instant messenger in the bottom right of the screen. Talk soon!

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